Our company is a symbiosis of the «Blast Maker» industrial enterprise and the research Institute of Communications and Information Technologies (ICIT)

Blast Maker
Is a profit organization carrying out its activity in the production of the technical facilities of the Blast Maker system. It has a modern production division on the basis of printed-circuit board production line (LPKF, Germany), modern soldering stations and assembly area.

The developer of the Blast Maker program-technical complex. It includes the Department of CAD of Mining Companies, Microintegrated Systems Department, High-Performance Computing Department, Satellite Communication Center, etc. It is fit out with modern computers and office equipment, satellite communication equipment, high-end servers and data communications facilities. A high-performance computer system based on 64-processor cluster (www.cluster.istc.kg) is deployed and functioning successfully in the Institute.

The main objectives of the Blast Maker Co Ltd:

  • The production of Kobus controllers;

  • The production of packaged software;

  • The delivery and maintenance of the whole Blast Maker program-technical complex and its particular components.

The ICIT carries out:

  • the adaptation of the Blast Maker software to the mining company's adopted technology of drilling-and-blasting. Actual changes in the basic version of the software are so great that virtually for every company an exclusive version is created;
  • the solving of the tasks of the optimization of drilling-and-blasting operations in company. It includes mathematic simulation for determining correlation dependences between the energy intensity of drilling and blast energy. The calculations are made using the high-performance cluster;
  • the research and development to orders of mining companies.