The computer-aided design of drilling-and-blasting (CAD of D&B) in open pits is developed under the support of International Science and Technology Center ( in collaboration with MEPhI and Mines Paris (Ecole des Mines de Paris). It is implemented with the use of most advanced technologies in microprocessor engineering and programming.

Computer-aided design (CAD) of drilling-and-blasting in open pits is a program-technical complex combining technical facilities for data acquisition during drilling and excavation as well as software - the automated workplace of drilling-and-blasting design engineer. The developed complex is the practical realization of performing drilling-and-blasting along with the constant amendment of the strength properties of mined massif by means of the energy intensity measurement of the drilling of blastholes. This is the main distinction of the product.

The Blast Maker CAD of drilling-and-blasting is the most comprehensive solution of the task of the optimal design of drilling-and-blasting in mining company's open pits without changing the adopted technology of performing drilling-and-blasting. The full-scale introduction of the system will enable not only to significantly decrease drilling-and-blasting costs but also to increase the quality of drilling-and-blasting as well as the operability of the management of facilities and processes in open pit. The completeness of information about all past designed and performed blasts, the drilling parameters and techniques of all drilled holes gives real opportunity for the adaptive control of drilling-and-blasting. This results in lowering costs by 10-15% from the total costs of drilling-and-blasting operations constituting a third of all mining company's expenditures.

MiningWorld Russia 2011: 15-th Anniversary International Exhibition and Conference


The Blast Maker Co. took part in 15-th anniversary international exhibition and conference «MiningWorld Russia 2011: Mining equipment, mining and milling of ores and minerals», held in Moscow from 13 to 15 April 2011.